Wendell (Dude) Haley founded Transcontinent Oil (TCO) in 1958 and built the business on honesty, hard work, determination and attention to detail. He built a team and reputation for delivering exceptional land services over decades, making TCO one of the industry’s oldest and most respected land services companies.

Dude Haley


Dude’s dedication, work ethic and desire to give his clients a fair deal formed the foundation of our performance-driven culture. Our highly experienced project managers and support staff allow us to oversee land title, due-diligence, abstracting, lease and right-of-way projects, of any size and complexity. We strive to go the extra mile for every client in an effort to cultivate lasting relationships. The longstanding partnerships we’ve created through the years are evidence of our commitment to provide unparalleled service.

TCO has been in business for 60 years because of client loyalty. That starts with hiring the best talent possible, giving them the tools and technology they need to succeed and leadership that maintains organizational focus on the most important – delivering high-quality land services for our clients.

Our investments in our proprietary TACT and Title Tree technologies are driving our efficiency, productivity and quality to new heights. Like Dude, TCO is never satisfied with the status quo and we will continue to innovate and improve the delivery of land services in the decades to come.



Proprietary technology combined with 60 years of land service experience means we get the job done faster and more efficiently than our competition. Our team has expertise and strong relationships in every major U.S. drilling basin, and can provide wise counsel on solving land problems.



518 17th Street, Suite 900 | Denver, CO 80202 | 800.310.7615


TCO is led by Glenn Land, Executive Vice President of Land and Senior Partner and Pam Cortese, Executive Vice President of Operations and Senior Partner. Glenn and Pam have over 30 years of combined experience in land services and the oil and gas industry. They provide leadership to maintain TCO’s performance-driven culture and focus on client service.

  • BS Geology with minors in Mathematics, Business, and Art, Florida State University – 1993
  • Field title, in-house title, and crew chief experience
  • Active member of AAPL and DAPL
  • Board Member
  • 30+ years field & in-house title and project management experience
  • Active member of AAPL and DAPL
  • Board Member


Our senior employees, some of which have been here over 10 years, have been integral to the consistency of delivering a superior product through their own experience and managing contractors.


TCO Careers

TRANSCONTINENT OIL is a professional, progressive land company with a reputation for providing service of the highest standard. We are always looking for qualified and motivated individuals to add to our team. Experience and skills that we look for:

  • Lease Analysts
  • Title Review & Curative
  • Due Diligence
  • Landowner Relations
  • Lease Acquisition
  • Drafting & Contract Review
  • Direct Field Brokers

If you are interested in joining our team, please email us your resume and cover letter to


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