Leveraging the Land Services Lifecycle to Reduce Project Time

The Project-Centric approach to land services is plagued with redundancy resulting from treating each stage of the Land Services Lifecycle as an individual project; undertaken by different departments, separately, and performed independent of other land services stages. Naturally, this leads to a siloing of information...

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Using Technology to Manage the Land Services Lifecycle

TCO’s Land Services Lifecycle approach and TACT/Title Tree technology represents a significant step forward in managing the Land Service Lifecycle and the delivery of land services. In this paper, we discuss how the TACT/Title Tree solution reduces or eliminates rework in comparison to the traditional...

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TCO Land

TCO Land Services Celebrates 60 Years of Service

Founded in 1958, the innovative firm has grown as the result of client loyalty TCO leads the land management industry in technology-driven land services to increase efficiency, productivity and deliver a higher quality product DENVER, CO (October 25, 2018) – TCO Land Services,...

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