Giving Thanks

This time of year is always an important reminder to stop and reflect on what you're thankful for. At TCO we're very grateful for the busy year we have had and we wanted to give back to our community and those that are less fortunate. ...

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Creating a Collaborative Environment

  Land work typically has many moving parts. From gathering documents, to chaining out title, to approving payment, to securing curative, one project may pass through several different hands at several different shops. The process can involve complicated emails, thumb drives being exchanged, phone calls back...

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Land Services Gets a Technology Boost

  Investments in technology help reduce redundancy and increase the productivity of landmen. When it comes to running title, you only “pull once, pay once” with TCO’s proprietary TACT/Title Tree application. Your operations don't suffer from a lack of technology, why should your land services? Download our...

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NAPE Rocky Mountains 2016

We at TCO, were proud to once again attend NAPE in Denver.  The timing was great for us since we were able to showcase our TACT | Title Tree software, specifically highlighting our “Ownership Report” generating function.  We are now turning out ownership reports in...

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Handwritten title tree

Creating A Company Standard for Running Title

We’ve all been there: You need to revisit an old title chain or review title work that was performed by a former employee but the paper is crumpled, the hand writing illegible, or worse of all they didn’t leave a chain or support documents in...

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paper, excel, and title tree title chains

The Evolution of Running Title

How do you typically run out your title? Do you prefer the old school pencil and paper route? Or do you utilize technology by chaining ownership in a spreadsheet. Maybe a flow-charting software is more your style because of the visual aspect. These are all fine ways...

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