Technology-driven land services aligned with your growth


At TransContinent Oil we recognize the complexities of land services and we believe there’s a better way to do things. By utilizing our proprietary software TACT | TITLE TREE, we’ve become masters in efficiency. Our motto is “only do a task once”. Whether it’s downloading and briefing a document, securing curative, compiling notification lists, creating a chain of title or running a report, we don’t believe in repetitive and inefficient tasks. Once a project is completed in TACT | TITLE TREE it begins to form the foundation that future projects are built upon.


When our clients use TCO they realize the benefits that TACT | TITLE TREE offers, including:

  • One convenient location that stores, memorializes, and backs up your land and division order workflow
  • Complete visibility between your land and division order teams
  • Cloud based flexibility that supports remote work that contributes to a reduction in field costs
  • Instantly generated Ownership Reports and Notification Lists that considerably reduce billable time
  • Common Document Recognition and Common Curative Recognition eliminates the need to address a document more than once, as well as the need to cure a requirement when it is common in multiple title opinions.  Both functions contribute to time and resource savings
  • Take advantage of our competitive advantage. No costs for the use of TACT | TITLE TREE for our clients.


These are just a few ways that TCO can help your company grow. Contact us today!