US Hits Energy Independent Mark for First time in 75 Years

There’s been a major boom in oil and gas recently.


In fact, as of yesterday, the U.S was net positive in its exports of oil for the first time in 75 years.


While for this brief time, the U.S. was said to “not be reliant on foreign oil”, this means that we are gradually moving towards full energy independence and will hopefully soon no longer be reliant on foreign countries for our oil and gas for the long term.


Thanks to the many U.S. wells in places like North Dakota, Texas, Pennsylvania and Colorado, we are on a continued path to self reliance, as this recent data showed a sharp drop in imports and a rise in exports.

While data changes daily, the U.S. is likely to remain on path towards increasing its exports and decreasing imports as new wells open across the country.


We’re happy to announce this remarkable achievement for the U.S., as it’s an incredible way to end 2018.